Dunkeld House Hotel’s Top 10 Wedding Planning Tips

Dunkeld House Hotel’s Top 10 Wedding Planning Tips

Lots of couples get engaged over the Christmas holidays. Let’s face it; it’s a very romantic time of year. Lovely frosty days, and long winter evenings with candles and cosy fires. Here, at Dunkeld House Hotel, we’ve got a few years of experience, so, if you are newly affianced, then read on for our Top 10 Wedding Planning Tips.

Fantastic Plastic

Not that we would ever advocate overspending, but you could turn the expense of your wedding into a positive. Sign up for a credit card with a rewards programme. Whether it gives you airline miles or great shopping deals, paying for all your wedding-related purchases with one credit card, could even reward you with enough points to cover your honeymoon. It will also help you keep a track of your expenditure.

A Mile of Files

Well, not quite, but one large file, for letters, pictures and ideas ripped from magazines, those notes you scribbled on a paper napkin whilst sharing a latte with your girlfriends. Do the same with emails to your suppliers – share that one on a file sharing system such as Dropbox, so that you’re other half can keep up. Create an email account especially for your wedding, too. Keep a single sheet with all your supplier contacts. That way if you want to change your photography location on the day, you don’t have to go searching for the photographer’s number. Make sure you give copies of this to your On the Day Helpers, too.

Run the Numbers

Don’t let them run you! To make the most of your budget make a list of all the elements of your wedding – invitations, music, outfits, photography, etc. and then think about the 3 most important things to you. Invest your money in these and then you can cut corners on the less important ones. At Dunkeld House Hotel we play our part, by offering all the fundamentals, wrapped up in to packages to make budgeting simple.


Which leads to Number 4

Always ask (politely) for a discount. Suppliers are much more likely to come to some agreement prior to you signing on the dotted line. That goes for us, too. Planning a wedding for this year? We’ve got some late availability dates and are happy to offer up to a 10% discount, but Shhh! Don’t tell everyone, or they’ll go quickly!


Weddings, A License to…

…Get Married! Please don’t forget that in Scotland, you’ll need a license in order to get married. And you’ll need it at least 29 days before your wedding day! This handy leaflet from NRS Scotland details all you need to know.

Regrets, You’ll Have a Few…

The guest lists have been drawn up, discussed, debated, culled, debated again finally agreed, and the invitations sent. And then the Regrets flummox you. As a rule of thumb, around 30% of invitations, typically, are declined. It always helps to bear this in mind and take the disappointment on the chin.


Super Suppliers

Talk to your suppliers, and get the inside track on what’s hot and what’s not. Often, they’ll be able to recommend other suppliers that they have noticed at other venues and weddings they’ve attended. We’ll give you, of course, our list of suppliers who we work with regularly, but don’t just take our word for it. Talk to them, too.


Four Seasons in One Day

We all know the charms of the Scottish weather. However, a little planning (and remaining realistic) can be a lot of help. Envisage your day wet, as often as you do, dry. If you plan to have your ceremony with us, too, then we will always have a wet weather option as well as a dry weather one. Add delightful touches such as white wellies to go with your dress, or “Just Married” umbrellas for the ushers to carry


Plan to Enjoy Yourself

The day is, after all, about the 2 of you, and your nearest and dearest. Don’t get caught up in perfection. Sometimes the unplanned and unexpected turn out to be the highlights of the day. Instead, wake up on the morning of your wedding, knowing you have done all you can, you’re team at Dunkeld House Hotel, and other suppliers have your back and so your job now, is to ENJOY each and every minute of the day.


Honeymoon Heaven

If you’ve taken our advice, at number one and opted for a rewarding credit card, you may already be a step closer to your dream holiday. However, if it still looks like a honeymoon is beyond your reach, consider asking your guests to contribute towards it rather than a gift.

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For lots more ideas, tips and helpful advice, head over to our friends at the Scottish Wedding Directory.

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