Enhanced Safety Guidelines


I.   Ensuring the Wellbeing of our Team Members and Guests

II. Creating a Low-Touch Welcome Experience

III. Enhanced H&S Efforts

IV. Pool Area and Gym Protocols

V. Training

* * *


The following Enhanced Safety Guidelines are being adopted in response to the global COVID-19 pandemic to provide procedures and safeguards that address health and safety concerns from our Guests and Team Members. These guidelines may change, as we continue to monitor updates from local, Scottish, U.K. and other international authorities, including Public Health Scotland (NHS), the World Health Organization (WHO), government mandates, and official public health guidelines and orders.

At Dunkeld House Hotel, we’ve always been dedicated to providing a clean and safe environment for our Guests and Team Members. That’s why, as the COVID-19 pandemic evolved, so did our focus to further elevate our standards of cleanliness.

Building on our already high-level of housekeeping and hygiene efforts, we’re proud to offer an even cleaner and safer experience from check-in to checkout. Our top priority has always been the health and safety of our Guests and Team Members.

Elevating our cleaning standards not only provides our guests with a worry-free environment so they can enjoy their return to travel, but provides our Team Members a safe place to work so they, in turn, can take care of their families and all who visit us.

As you think about your arrival and upcoming break, Dunkeld House Hotel Guidelines incorporate several steps to ensure you feel confident staying with us. From the moment you arrive, you will notice the following changes:

  • Arrival and Check-in: As guests enter the property, they will see helpful social distancing guidance, touchless hand sanitising stations and Team Members behind clear partitions. Guests will also notice hand sanitising stations throughout the hotel, next to each lift entrance and ongoing public space cleaning.
  • Guest Accommodations: Although Guests will continue to enjoy the same housekeeping services they have in the past, each room will be sanitised with the appropriate cleaning materials and based on recommendations from suppliers. We are also removing unnecessary stationary.
  • Bar and Restaurant: Our Enhanced Safety Guidelines will focus on cleaning and disinfecting public-lounges, bar and restaurant seating areas. All areas are fogged during the night. Cleaning of areas will also take place more often and pay closer attention to high-touch points. You will also notice safer service procedures.
  • Amenities: Pool areas and gyms will have social distancing capacities, while certain amenities may be closed due to local mandates.

While our Team Members may be physically distanced, we will deliver the special hospitality our guests know and love. Enhanced safety hospitality measures include:

  • 10 High-Touch, Deep-Clean Areas: Extra disinfection will occur in the most frequently touched areas in bedrooms, including electrical switches, door handles, remote and air conditioning controls, telephones, bathrooms and hard services.
  • Public Health Scotland-Approved Cleaners and Training: All rooms will be cleaned and disinfected between guest stays using EPA COVID-19-approved cleaning solutions. In partnership with our suppliers, Team Members will participate in enhanced training about the proper use of all chemicals and will be part of our ongoing training efforts.
  • UV light disinfecting: Following the cleaning and disinfecting of the rooms as outlined above each room will undergo a UV light disinfection process.
  • A Focus on Public Spaces: Our Enhanced Safety Guidelines will focus on cleaning and disinfecting public-facing locations — check-in, pool and lounge spaces, leisure club, and food and beverage areas. Cleaning of public-facing locations will also take place more often and pay closer attention to high-touch points.
  • Evaluation of New Technologies: Consideration will be given to testing and reviewing new innovative technologies and equipment, as additional guidance is received from health authorities.
  • Social Distancing Safety Efforts: Besides enhanced sanitary measures, Dunkeld has incorporated new, social distancing standards in communal, high-traffic areas, including pool areas, check-in spaces, and food and beverage areas. Clear signage will guide guests and Team Members, so distancing standards are easy to follow.
  • PPE and Enhanced Training: Team Members will receive where appropriate PPE items and enhanced training designed to protect their wellbeing while continuing to deliver unmatched hospitality.

For the safety of our Team Members working behind the scenes, we will follow the same high standards of our Enhanced Safety Guidelines.

* * *

I.   Ensuring the Wellbeing of our Team Members and Guests

The health and safety of our Guests and Team Members remain our number one priority. We will continue to refine and update our practices as experts provide additional guidance and recommendations.

a. Team Member Roles
Team Members will be trained on return-to-work protocols as well as on the Enhanced Safety Guidelines. These efforts will become standards of conduct — everyone has a significant role to play in this post-COVID-19 world, especially as it pertains to safeguarding travel.

b. Guest Roles
Similarly, Dunkeld House Hotel will communicate to guests their responsibilities in this new environment, including not travelling when sick or under quarantine, while following social distancing and other property-specific wellness measures.

c. PPE
We will provide Team Members appropriate training on how to properly use PPE based on their roles and job functions, and in adherence with central and local government regulations and guidance from Public Health Scotland.

d. Hand Sanitiser
Free-standing stations will be strategically located around the hotel in high-traffic areas, including the reception, lift landings, toilet entrances, fitness and pool areas, Team Member entrances, break areas, locker rooms, and food and beverage locations.

e. Wellbeing Signage
Signage will be strategically located to remind Team Members about how to wear PPE and avoid touching their face, as well as hand-washing techniques, social distancing protocols and protective barrier use.

f. Social Distancing
Guests and Team Members will be advised, via strategically placed signage, to practice social distancing by staying at least six feet away from other groups of people, while waiting in communal areas.

* * *

II.   Creating a Low-Touch Welcome Experience

a. Pre-Arrival and Website Communications
The website will link to a newly created landing page with detailed information on the Enhanced Safety Guidelines. A pre-arrival communication with related content will also be sent prior to a guest’s planned arrival with information about our enhanced safety efforts.

b. Visibility and Social Distancing Protocols
Upon arrival, Guests will be greeted at reception where key messaging around social distancing and Enhanced Safety Guidelines will be on display and communicated.

c. Elevated Guest Check-in and Room Key Cleaning
Front desk will emphasize a touch-free experience. They will be required to sanitise hands in view of guests before and after guest interactions.Credit card terminals will be sanitsed before each use. Issuing of key cards (new or sanitised) will be done to minimize hand-to-hand contact.As much as possible, key packets will be prepared in advance to limit transaction times between guests and front desk Team Members.We will also promote “cashless” stays to discourage money handling. If any front desk Team Member is required to handle cash, they will sanitise hands in view of guests after each transaction.

d. Installation of Partitions at Front Desks
All front desk workstations will have protective partitions and practice social distancing.

e. Social Distancing
In lifts signage detailing occupancy limits and sanitiser stations will be available at the lobby. Signs will be placed encouraging everyone to use stairwells whenever possible.

* * *

III.   Enhanced H&S Efforts

a. High-Touch, Deep-Clean Areas
Extra care will be taken to sanitise the most frequently touched areas in all the rooms, including, but not limited to, light switches, handles, remote controls, thermostats, telephones and toilets.

The following illustration shows the 10 high-touch areas that will be the focus of all room sanitation efforts. These areas might change based on future health guidelines.

Diagram for cleaning guest room

b. Guest Room Privacy and Cleaning Protocols
For guests staying for more than one night, rooms will only be cleaned upon request during your stay to minimise staff contact. Additional towels and toiletries will be placed in the wardrobe.

Team Members will wear appropriate PPE when entering a guest room for any reason, including face coverings and gloves.

c. Cleaning Chemicals
All guest rooms will be cleaned and disinfected using COVID-19-approved cleaning solutions between guest stays. In partnership with our chemical suppliers, enhanced training will be conducted with all Team Members about the proper use of approved chemicals.

d. Simplified Guest Room
Frequently touched decorative enhancements or other items will be removed from guest rooms.

e. Innovative Disinfection Technologies
Dunkeld House Hotel will continue to test and review the addition of innovative technologies, new equipment and enhanced training to augment sanitation efforts for surfaces and objects on an ongoing basis.

* * *

IV.   Pool Area and Gym Protocols

a. Pool Towels
Gloves will be used for distribution of all towels where appropriate.

b. Gym Protocol
Limits will be placed on the number of people using the Gym at anyone time.

c. Cleaning and Sanitation
Sanitizer and wipes to be placed around the Gym.

d. Water Fountains
All guest drinking fountains will be covered. Water fountains with bottle refill options will be in use.

* * *

V.   Training

a. Team Members, Safety Training and Expectations
All team Members will be trained on our Enhanced Safety Guideline program.

All Team Members will be encouraged to clean and disinfect their workstations as often as needed and after each guest interaction. All Team Members will acknowledge the heightened sensitivity and importance of resuming operations with these new, elevated expectations.

Pre-shift meetings will take place on a regular basis, shifts and schedules will be staggered to allow for smaller meetings, while adhering to social distancing requirements. Department leaders will provide ongoing communication, as well as ensure proper PPE and sanitation procedures are followed and updated based on central and local government orders, and Public Health Scotland guidelines.

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