What Makes an Amazing MICE Venue?

What Makes an Amazing MICE Venue?

One thing. Does it meet all of YOUR specific needs as a delegate or organiser?

This is such an important question to ask when organising a meeting, incentive away-day, conference, or corporate event. To help you decide what is important for you and delegates, we’ve put together some key points as to what we think makes an amazing MICE Venue.

Events Coordinator

Most venues offering meeting and conference space will offer catering and activities that can be booked together. When looking into venues that go above and beyond, an onsite events coordinator is a dream, as this substantially cuts down your research and planning time.

An events coordinator can tell you exactly what is available for the time of year, with costs and recommendations. They ensure you have a ‘face to a name’ experience and become your single point of contact should anything go wrong.

Change of Scenery

Away Days should hold an element of excitement for delegates travelling to a new area. It may be for work but there is good reason why your team aren’t just meeting at the office again. People are seeing somewhere new, getting out of their comfort zones and daily habits to enjoy a fresh perspective.

Encourage this as much as possible! Look into the availability of break-out rooms, a beautiful spot for lunch or a change of scenery for coffee and shortbread. This is just what can be needed during a long day of concentration.

Onsite Activities

Organising activities without the headache of additional logistics can be extremely helpful. Especially when dealing with larger groups. Often groups have already spent considerable time on the road to reach the venue.

So travelling to do an activity can end up feeling more like a chore than the fun downtime it is intended to be. Booking space that offers something nearby or without travel is a sure-fire way of keeping energy levels up and delegates engaged.

Natural Light

Here’s a biggie. . . Natural Light! The amount of ‘meeting rooms’ that once doubled as a broom closet is astounding. Repurposing smaller, windowless rooms is common practice, especially in city centres.

While this could be effective for a short meeting it would be a nightmare for a delegate at a full-day conference. Choosing venues with tons of natural light and easy access to the outdoors will ensure delegates remain alert and engaged even over long periods.


Lastly, it all comes down to cost and value for money. If you are working to a budget, provide this with the initial request. With the endless options available, there is no reason to compromise on this.

Most properties will also include at least two servings of refreshments, a two-course lunch, stationery for the meeting, and basic AV equipment. If you are being charged supplementary charges for these basic facilities it might be time to look elsewhere.

Request a Free Proposal

If there is a meeting, incentive, conference or corporate event you are looking to book for 2020. Contact our dedicated onsite Events Coordinator for a bespoke proposal created to suit your specific requirements.

Choose to include one of 7 event spaces bathed in natural light, luxury accommodation, exquisite dining, and adventurous or relaxed local activities on our 280-acre estate. All for an excellent all-inclusive rate.

You may also take your pen away with you!

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